5801 Safety Dr NE, Belmont, MI 49306 - Phone (616) 784-6200
A Veteran Owned Small Business, ISO/TS Certified
Facility and EquipmentWorld-Class 146,000 square foot manufacturing facility

  • BEP Facility
  • BEP Silo
  • BEP Facility

Our facility and equipment are world-class. Housed within our facility are 30 injection molding presses, 1 compression molding press, 10 assembly lines, and 5 customization areas. Additionally, our distribution team processes 1,000 shipments per month on behalf of our OEM clients, from single case to full container quantities, shipped all over the world.

During the 39-year history of the facility, the team has also supported the manufacture of Auto-Darkening Welding Filters.

The points below detail how our operation complements our customers’ business.

Facility Details

  • 146,000 Square foot manufacturing facility
  • 65,000 Square feet of warehouse space
  • Close to all major retail and distribution centers in the Midwest

Shipping Capabilities

  • Export production to Europe, Latin America, and Asia
  • Direct shipment to customers of all order sizes
  • Manage inventory and shipping on behalf of our customers using their IT systems and financial controls
  • Approximately 4,000 finished product and raw material SKU’s managed

Molding Capabilities

  • 30 Injection molding presses with robotic automation and secondary operations
  • In-mold labeling capabilities
  • Compression molding
  • Bulk resin silos and handling/drying equipment
  • Production orders average 7-day lead times

Customization Capabilities

  • Graphic design on-site
  • Silk screening
  • Multi-strike/Hi-resolution pad print capability
  • Unique packaging