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A Veteran Owned Small Business, ISO/TS Certified
Our TeamOur culture is based on honesty, attention to detail, and hard-work

  • BEP Team

BEP is a large injection molding and assembly operation in the mid-western United States, located in the Grand Rapids, MI area.

Our team of 60 plastics and assembly professionals offer molding, assembly, and customization services.

Operating in a facility with over 145,000 square feet, we are able to meet our customers’ end-to-end requirements through the skills and passion for quality gained as an internal OEM manufacturer making regulated products.
We understand that the quality of each part produced on our 30 molding presses is important to the success of the finished assembly.

Our team provides complete program management and execution for new products:

  • Raw material selection and sourcing
  • Quality plan development
  • Commercialization and start-up
  • Life-cycle management and on-going cost management
  • Full logistical/distribution services

The BEP team has spent years developing skills and capabilities to enable rapid changeover, short lead time, and high-SKU management. We leverage our deeply committed, highly flexible team to continuously improve in order to capture more value for our customers. We have grown our LEAN manufacturing thinking and skills to truly solve problems, and we believe our best results comes through leveraging our full workforce.

At BEP, our team will quickly gain your confidence through our culture of honesty, attention to detail, and hard-work. When you trust us with your business, we understand that we are only successful if our customer is successful!